Our Mission is to preserve, enhance and promote Clan Farquharson’s heritage, and more generally Scottish Highland Culture, to our members and to the wider global audience who share or are inspired by this heritage, while cultivating a spirit of kinship and pride among our members.


Our Vision is for a dynamic international network of Clan Farquharson Societies, where members across the globe enjoy greater social, professional and inspirational connectivity. We intend to embrace new technologies, trends and opportunities in order to keep Clan Farquharson at the forefront of Scotland's Clan Culture and constantly relevant to all generations. We also see Clan Farquharson UK as being proacative in its support of causes, dear to the local community.



Every organisation should have an established set of core-values that serve as a reference to their team and members in behavioural and operational decision-making as the activity develops. We have identified these as the 5 Core Values that Clan Farquharson UK will uphold going forward:


Fidelity is the backbone of Clan Culture. From the early days when Clans People would pledge their allegiance by an oath of fealty to the present day where we continue to show loyalty to the Clan Society, to each-other and to our values, Fidelity provides cohesion as a group and faith in our purpose.


Hand in hand with Fidelity, Fortitude has been central to Clan Farquharson’s evolution. Not only are we stronger together than the sum of our parts, but Fortitude is also to be found in our individual strength of character, our determination to succeed and our Clan’s resilience both past and future.


Clan Farquharson UK welcomes new members with open arms. Our sense of Community is omnipresent, both inwardly as we support each other and enjoy a truly convivial exchange and outwardly as we continue to develop excellent relations with the residents of Braemar and Ballater and our friends overseas.


Both in our public-facing role as the guardians of our Clan Heritage and as a membership-based organisation, it is essential that our committee leads by example with the moral fibre, integrity, ethical standards and transparency that our members would expect of us and we of them, thus building communal trust and openness.


The preservation of our Clan Heritage is important for the benefit of future generations and we wish to achieve this while also respecting and conserving our natural heritage. To do this, we uphold tradition while also embracing innovation to adapt and retain relevance in a constantly changing world.