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The objective of the society shall be to promote the Scottish clan system especially Clan Farquharson and, Scottish culture, music, dance and dress. 


a.    To organise activities for its members.
b.    To assist members to trace their family and heritage.
c.    To continue the traditions and heritage of Clan Farquharson.
d.    To cultivate a spirit of kinship and pride amongst its members. 



Every organisation should have a set of core-values that serve as a reference to their team and members in behavioural and operational decision-making as the activity develops. Our Core Values derive from the motto of Clan Farquharson "Fide et Fortitudine":


This is the backbone of clan culture, from the early days when clans people would pledge their allegiance by an oath of fealty to their Laird, to the present day where we continue to show loyalty to the Clan Chief, to each other and to our values. Fidelity provides cohesion as a group and faith in our purpose. 


Hand in hand with fidelity, Fortitude has been central to Clan Farquharson’s evolution. Not only are we stronger together than the sum of our parts but Fortitude is also found in our individual strength of character, our determination to succeed and our clan’s resilience both past and future. 


The Committee approved a new draft constitution on 9 November, 2022. All Clan members will be invited to approve it at the next AGM which will be held in August 2023. It is attached below. Please address any comments to

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