Welcome to the new website of Clan Farquharson UK!


Spurred by the decision to create the world's first week-long Virtual Gathering due to the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, we realised that a new site would be necessary to effectively achieve the look and functionality required to take the bold leap forward as we embrace the new digital age.

With only 2 months to prepare and limited resources we endeavoured to deliver an online experience that would hopefully please all visitors to the site, replace in some way the physical gathering we usually treasure each year and enable a higher level of connectivity among Clan Farquharson society members worldwide.

Our determination to deliver this experience over the same week as our original Gathering meant that certain functionalities such as registrations, memberships, the online shop and archived material still remain on our former site,, however these functionalities have now transferred to this site to itsdelf become We have tried to make this transition seamless however we apologise for any inconvenience caused from having to handle the two sites in parallel.

Although many of the technologies existed prior to the Covid pandemic, there has clearly been a higher level of adoption of these technologies across the globe, not least in video-conferencing and the hospitality and events industries have experienced a seismic shift from the traditional to what many refer to as the "new norm".


Video-conferencing platforms have been key to making this shift possible and we hope that many of you are now familiar with one or two them. However, people also need face-to-face contact and, rather than there being just physical, in-person meetings or just online activity, it is likely  we will see a growing number of Hybrid events in the future, being a mix of both. We will be repeating our first Hybrid event with our Whisky Tasting evening becoming a regular feature of our Gatherings. Here, the online interaction will be enhanced by the physical ability to view, nose and taste the very product being presented.

Another advantage of the 2020 Virtual Gathering was the future safeguard of having a structure in place that can be repeated in the future should circumstance require it. By taking the plunge early, possibly before any of Scotland's (+/- 140) other Clans, we remained ahead of the curve and hope to improve the experience year on year. There may be the occasional, technical glitch, however we will do our best to anticipate, address and swiftly resolve any issues that may arise.

We have felt it important to make more information readily available to the wider public in the hope that it will encourage more people to subscribe to memberships of Clan Farquharson societies and associations across the globe. We have even overhauled our membership system to make it more accessible and better adapted to different member profiles. We invite you to explore this site, whether you are an existing member or not, to get a sense of why the society exists, the kinship you can expect to discover, the services we offer and indeed an idea of the exciting journey ahead.

We appreciate that this wretched pandemic has had a terrible impact upon revenues and household budgets and, while many of the online activities linked to the Gathering are exclusively for members and friends of Clan Farquharson societies worldwide most are also free of charge. For those of you who do experience (and hopefully) enjoy the programme of activities we have put in place, we hope that you may be able to make a voluntary donation towards "Raising the Standard," the fundraising appeal for the restoration of Braemar Castle, historic seat of Clan Farquharson.

My thanks go out to the team and partners who have all helped to make this Virtual Venture possible and I wish all in attendance an enjoyable and hopefully glitch-free experience! We will welcome your feedback and suggestions so that we can further enhance the experience in the future.

We will also endeavour to make 2022 a truly exceptional year. Our 2022 Gathering will include an important tribute to our beloved, late Chief, Captain Alwyne Farquharson of Invercauld MC.

Stay safe, stay inspired, stay connected!