In days of old, allegiance to a Clan was based upon a feudal system whereby the clan provided protection in exchange for regular donations of grain, livestock and money. Occasionally, the Chief would call up Clan Members to provide some muscle to help settle disputes with other clans or for a common cause. Fortunately, times have moved on and it is now easier to join Clan Farquharson UK than ever before, as we have an array of membership categories which are better adapted to the various profiles of our members. Furthermore, we have gone beyond offering only annual memberships to now include 5 year and life memberships, both at discounted rates. We even have "Follower" Memberships for our enthusiasts worldwide who are unable to travel.

So, we invite you to browse the various membership categories below (the details of which will be revealed by placing your cursor over each category banner) and then click through to subscribe to the category of your choice.


While our Gatherings and Events are only accessible to active members of Clan Farquharson UK and active members of the Clan’s Overseas Societies, we are also aware that some people may wish to have a “Fireside” membership where they can feel part of the Clan Society and follow our news from the comfort of their own home. We have therefore created a special “Follower” membership category, also available on the basis of 1 and 5 year subscriptions. Followers do not have the same benefits of a full membership and this is reflected in the price.


We also recognise and appreciate the dedication of our friends from outside the UK who regularly travel to Scotland to attend Clan Farquharson’s annual Gathering. If these friends have an active membership of the Clan Farquharson Society in their respective territory, there is no need for them to purchase an additional UK membership to attend the Gathering. We already enjoy closer ties and communication with our affiliated societies internationally and will be developing even closer exchange in the future. That said, anyone with a family connection or interest-link to Clan Farquharson is welcome to subscribe to a UK Membership if they choose. 

Please note that any initial subscriptions made late in the year (September-December) will remain valid until the 31st December of the following year.


Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to Clan Farquharson UK.

Full Membership Benefits

General Benefits of a full, active Membership to Clan Farquharson UK include:

  • Access to our Members’ Only area of the site, including:

    • Membership Updates

    • Access to the Members’ Forum (soon to be launched) to network with other Members.

    • Priority booking for all Clan Events.

    • Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

  • Receive a Membership Certificate, signed by the Chief.

  • Receive a copy of The Lion’s Face, the Clan Newsletter, twice a year.

  • Eligibility to be part of the Clan Chief’s colour party or standard bearer at his entry to and exit from the field at the Ballater Highland Games (by invitation and strict dress code applies).

  • Receive invitations to regional events from time to time.

  • The right to vote on Clan Society matters at the Annual General Meeting (usually held in Ballater during the Gathering).

  • The knowledge that you are supporting a truly great Clan.

Please note that all members are expected to conduct themselves correctly and respectfully to other members and in public and to uphold the Core Values of our Clan Society. The Clan Farquharson UK Committee reserve the right to cancel the membership of anyone behaving in a way that contravenes these principles.