Centuries ago, the Highland Communities of Scotland were often quite isolated, even more so than today, and would rely upon entertaining each other when the nights set in. Regularly they would meet and, after a bit of socialising, they would perform an art form of their choice, often individually, in front of the gathered audience. One or two might choose to play the pipes, the fiddle or flute, another might sing or recite a poem or tell a story, while others might opt to dance, tell jokes or mime. Several of the musicians would then play together and the assembled company would dance a Scottish Reel or two. And so was born the Ceilidh, the Gaelic term for Gathering. Today the Ceilidh has become an informal gathering centred around dance, however for our Virtual Gathering this year, we wish to return to the origins of the word and invite Members and Friends of Clan Farquharson  UK and our affiliated Clan Farquharson Societies overseas, to take the stage, individually or by household, to perform to our gathered online audience.

Our Virtual Open-Mic Ceilidh will be conducted using a video-conferencing platform and we invite any of our active members and friends of Clan Farquharson UK, US, Canada, Argentina, Jamaica, Australia or New Zealand to step forward and reserve their 5-10 minute slot. While there won't be a Britain's Got Talent-style jury, we may award a "Golden Buzzer" to the best performance of the evening. So, if singing, music, poetry, storytelling, magic, stand-up comedy or dance is your thing, the stage is yours! It will be a fun and informal event and we hope that even a few spectators will summon the courage to take to the stage. The piece you perform (such as a song or poetry) doesn't have to be of your own creation and can be as a tribute to the person who created it.

All audience members will also need to register to receive the log-in details.

This is a free event and accessible exclusively to Members and Friends of Clan Farquharson UK and our affiliated overseas societies as well as to Members of Clan Chattan and an invited guest list of partners who have provided their support to our Virtual Gathering. 100% of any voluntary donations will go to Raising the Standard, the fundraising appeal for the restoration of Braemar Castle. 

All attendees should be at least 18 years of age. The audience will be muted, however they will be able to ask questions or express their appreciation through the Online Chat facility.