After their successful performance at Ballater in 2019, The Duns Players were due to return by popular demand to Braemar in 2020 to perform an extended version of Colonel Anne. Unfortunately this was compromised by Covid, but with similar determination and feistiness to that displayed by Anne Farquharson over 250 years ago, the cast have refused to let circumstance determine their fate. Especially for Clan Farquharson's 2020 Virtual Gathering, The Duns Players recorded a selection of scenes for audio performance, including some additional scenes scribed these past months by playwright, David Shirreff.

What follows is an abridged presentation of David Shirreff’s play Colonel Anne by members of Duns Players. It is based on the story of one of Clan Farquharson’s most illustrious daughters: Anne Mackintosh, a heroine of the 1745 Jacobite Rising. This presentation was recorded in a makeshift studio with the actors wearing facemasks because of Coronavirus restrictions. Time and social distancing conditions have not allowed for all scenes to be recorded, however the storyline remains intact. The Committee of Clan Farquharson UK is immensely grateful to the Duns Players for their efforts to produce these audio-recordings for the enjoyment of visitors to this site and we hope that the planned performance in Braemar may be possible next year. Enjoy!



Hannah Hay : ............................

Eric Branse-Instone : ...............

Carol Robson : ..........................

Peter Wood : .............................

Graham Bryans : ......................

James Shirreff : ........................

Kevin Purvis : ............................

Lady Anne Mackintosh (Colonel Anne)

Angus Mackintosh, Clan Chief of Clan Chattan

The Dowager Lady Mackintosh

Lachlan Mackintosh

Donald Fraser, Mackintosh family retainer

Prince Charles Edward Stewart (Bonnie Prince Charlie)

Duke of Cumberland

Act 1 Sc 1
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Act 1 Sc 3
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Act 1 Sc 5 Anne's speech
00:00 / 02:22
Act 1 Sc 6
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Act 1 Sc 7
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Act 1 Sc 7-2
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Act 1 Sc 8-2
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Act 1 Sc 9
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Act 1 Sc 10
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Act 2 Sc 2-1
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Act 2 Sc 2-2
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Act 2 Sc 2-3
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Act 2 Sc 5-1
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Act 2 Sc 5-2
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Act 2 Sc 7
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Act 1 Scene 1

It is September 1745.  We find the young Anne Mackintosh (née Farquharson) at ease with her middle-aged husband Angus at their home, Moy Hall. Angus, also known as Aeneas, is laird of Clan Mackintosh, chief of Clan Chattan. Their fourteen year old nephew Lachlan then bursts in…


Act 1 Scene 3

In the previous scene (not presented here) Anne has had a conversation with Angus’s mother, Lady Mackintosh, about Angus’s indecision about raising Clan Chattan for Bonnie Prince Charlie. Lady Mackintosh speculates that Angus just needs a nudge in the right direction and mentions how Jenny Cameron had recently raised her father’s clan at Glenfinnan.

Scene 3 takes place back at Moy Hall where Angus comes across Anne …


Act 1 Scene 5 

In the previous scene we find that Inverness is being held by British troops under the command of Lord Loudoun who has imposed himself on Lady Mackintosh for lodgings. A very agitated Angus arrives and, whilst Loudoun is out of the room, relates to his mother that Anne has raised the banner of Clan Chattan for the Prince against his express instructions.

Scene 5 shifts to a hillside with Anne addressing a crowd of clansmen whilst one of her servants from Moy Hall, Donald Fraser, looks on…


Act 1 Scene 6

At Lady Mackintosh’s house: Lord Loudoun receives an intelligence report that the Prince is staying at Moy Hall as the guest of Lady Anne…



Act 1 Scene 7-1

Lachlan has managed to get through the British sentry lines encircling Inverness to warn his Aunt at Moy Hall…


Act 1 Scene 7-2

Donald returns to Moy Hall to relate the news of what later became known as the Rout of Moy…


Act 1 Scene 8-2

Angus, who is now a Captain in the Black Watch under Lord Loudoun’s command, rushes into Lady Mackintosh’s house…


Act 1 Scene 9

The Government forces have fled, leaving Prince Charles to occupy Inverness who is now staying at Lady Mackintosh’s house. Angus has been captured. The Prince decides to release him into Anne’s custody, Anne now having the honorary rank of Colonel. The Prince and Lady Mackintosh leave the room for Anne and Angus’s reunion…


Act 1 Scene 10

Anne is at Moy Hall giving instructions to Alasdair Macgillivray, who has been taking military command of Clan Chattan on Anne’s behalf. Angus, still under house-arrest, then enters as Macgillivray leaves…


Act 2 Scene 2 - 1

In the previous scene Anne boosts the morale of MacGillivray on the eve of the Battle of Culloden.

Scene 2, we find Lady Mackintosh at home awaiting news of the battle as an exhausted Lachlan stumbles in…


Act 2 Scene 2 -2

Anne rushes in expecting good news… 


Act 2 Scene 2 – 3

Lachlan has taken Anne back to Moy Hall. Angus is Lady Mackintosh’s next visitor, just before the arrival of the victorious Duke of Cumberland…


Act 2 Scene 5 - 1

In scenes 3-4 (not presented here) Anne is taken prisoner by the Government forces and imprisoned in Inverness Castle.

Scene 5 finds the Duke of Cumberland, at his lodgings at Lady Mackintosh’s house, talking to Angus…


Act 2 Scene 5 – 2

At Lady Mackintosh’s house, the Duke of Cumberland has left Anne and Angus to be reunited…


Act 2 Scene 7

Two years have passed. Anne and Angus are guests at the Duke of Cumberland’s annual ball in London…


The original cast of Colonel Anne after the Duns Players' debut performance in Duns in May 2019.


The new cast of Colonel Anne after the Duns Players' stage performance in Ballater in August 2019.