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There have been some changes to the committee and currently we do not have a President or Vice President. Members are workig collaboratively to ensure that our 2023 Gathering will take place, as usual.

As a non-profit organisation, our Committee is composed entirely of volunteers, all dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Clan Farquharson's heritage and to fostering and ever-increasing, yet closely-knit, international community. Not only do we provide a service to our members, but we also actively represent and promote the Society to the general public and provide support to Clan Farquharson’s Overseas Societies.


While we officially meet on a quarterly basis, currently by video conference, we have recently been meeting informally on a more frequent basis as we have been conscientiously preparing some exciting developments. We have also recently commenced regular international video conferences with the leaders of our affiliated Clan Farquharson societies overseas. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) usually takes place in Ballater at the end of the Clan Gathering, this year the AGM will take place in August.

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