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The principal role of Clan Farquharson being the preservation and promotion of Clan Farquharson's Heritage, it is important that we keep abreast of our Clan history, customs and genealogy and archive any findings where possible. To achieve this, we also welcome input from our members and friends who are confident of the accuracy of the information they propos to share.


Another important activity of Clan Farquharson UK is to communicate with our community, consisting principally of the following groups:

  • The Chief

  • Our Members

  • Our affiliated Clan Farquharson Societies and Associations overseas

  • Our Partners

  • The Local Deeside Community

  • The General Public

  • The Media

  • Various Tourism, Commercial and Cultural Organisations

We achieve this through events, our online presence, our newsletter and through correspondence. We embrace new technologies and we regularly organise video-conferences within our Committee, with the Committees of our overseas affiliates and, as a first to be organised within Scotland's Clan system, a full Virtual Gathering programme in 2020.


Our Community is primarily subscription based and therefore much time is spent managing memberships, on-boarding new members and nurturing a following that is constantly growing. The more members we have, the more interaction our members can have with each other and the more we are able to provide a stimulating and inspiring programme of events and other activities.


Each year, Clan Farquharson UK hosts a Clan Gathering that centres on the Ballater Highland Games where our Chief is the Chieftain of the Games. This is usually in the 2nd week of August. We also have a presnce at the Aboyne Games (beginning of August) and the Braemar Gathering (early/mid-September). 

The programme for the Gathering often consists of a Meet & Greet, a Remembrance Service at the Clan Cairn, Games Day, Tours, an Annual General Meeting and the Clan Dinner. Exceptionally in 2020, although this may be repeated in subsequent years, we have replaced our physical gathering with a Virtual Gathering, offering plenty of activities online for Members and public to enjoy. In 2020, our AGM is to be held online in September.

Over time, we hope to develop other events throughout the year, not least localised events and virtual and hybrid experiences.

Our affiliated Clan Farquharson societies also organise and attend numerous events in their respective territories.


As a clan blessed with some of the most attractive tartans in Scotland and with such a tightly-knit community, we plan to develop our product range of Farquharson branded/related items. We hope to have some exciting news to share with you soon on this subject!

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